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Pat is asked to investigate a fifteen-year-old case in which Gary Meadows (Steven Hartley) was murdered by his boyfriend, James Mc Cready (James Wilby), a case which was originally investigated by Mike.

As the only witness to the murder was Meadows' young daughter, who was only seven-years-old at the time, she was unable to offer any kind of witness statement.

David Hayman stars as the main protagonist of the series, DCS Michael "Mike" Walker.

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Disillusioned with having to investigate such a case, he is especially angered by the fact that he has been paired with Pat's ex-boyfriend Jeff.As of series ten, the format once again changed, incorporating multiple stories across one series.For the final two series, this format was retained; however the length of the episodes was reduced to 60 minutes.Suspicion immediately falls on Julie's mother's new boyfriend, Peter James (Lee Ross).But when her body is found inside a sewage pipe, evidence points towards local misfit Michael Dunn (Rhys Ifans).

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