Walkthrough for sprung the dating game nintendo ds

Becky: Remember those sleepovers we used to have...

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Your mission is to score big time on the mountain, get a job, and just chill with your friends. =============================================================================== HOW THIS GAME WORKS =============================================================================== Now, Sprung is a text based game. You do not shoot anything or move around, you click words. Play: This is the actual game mode, here you will choose out of the two picturs, Becky or Brett, and play the game. and why we're gonna conquer this mountain together. 1) You aren't actually capable of thinking before speaking, are you? Version .94 02/01/05 -New Month, More Work -Finished "Becky's Cine-dream! Version .93 01/31/05 -Finished "A Snowbird Shopping Spree" of Becky's story. Version .92 01/29/05 -Finished "Southern Comfort" of Becky's Story. Version .76 01/19/05 Hands still in much pain lol ^_^ -Finished a level of Brett's story. And as if that's not bad enough, you had to walk in on it. -Finished "Ex-Boyfriend roadblock" of Becky's Story. -A 7KB increase lol Version .91 01/27/05 -Dumble Dee. -Redid layout Version .50 01/17/05 Ahh.hands are killing me from typing so much, I am trying to include every little detail.

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