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And just a quick aside: Raymond Ridder is one of the the nicest guys around. I have been working on my resume (no lie) for 2 months.They haven’t had a lot to smile about since the fire.But I know they’ll be smiling on Sunday night at the game.I wasn't able to reach both parties so I left a message on both voicemails.Within 10 minutes Karen returned my call and I told her what I wanted done.After years in the work force my career is changing directions, as a result my resume needed a facelift.I worked with Elite Resume writers to help me do that.

I submitted my payment to him at in the morning and 7 emails later I had an "awesome" resume less than 11 hours later. He was very professional and quick to make any adjustments requested.Professional, creative writer and completed a challenging task... Listened, heard, designed and produced what our goal/end product was.... the non-anticipated superior work far past that of our expectations.Thank You Mc Kinney/Ken for your time, thoughtfulness, translation & patience.As I read my own resume I was very impressed with myself (and James was impressed as well) I am very confident that any potential employer that receives my resume will definately see the value I can bring to thier organization.Without James' help and expertise my resume would just look like the next one.

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