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Even the parking lot of the one mall in town had more bumper stickers for Luther Strange (four), Moore’s opponent in the Republican primary, than for Moore himself (one). It has two department stores, Belk and Sears, one on each end.Between them, on Sunday night, I walked past Books-A-Million, Cellular Solutions, a Japanese steak house, Great American Cookies, Blacklight Mini-Golf, Knocker Ball Gadsden, an eyebrow-styling kiosk, and a clothing store for young girls, called Justice.“But it doesn’t go back that far.”He meant back to the early eighties, when Roy Moore was, many people say, a regular visitor to the mall.On Thursday, the Washington reported that, when Moore was a thirty-two-year-old assistant district attorney in Etowah County, he brought Leigh Corfman, who was fourteen years old at the time, to his home and sexually molested her.

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(Statewide, he received twice as many.) But I didn’t, in all my driving, see a single yard sign for Moore, the home-town son.Three additional women told the that Moore had pursued them when they were in their teens and he was in his early thirties.(On Monday, another woman, Beverly Young Nelson, said that Moore assaulted her when she was sixteen years old.A diverse assortment of families wandered around the place, which felt trapped in time. “It gets rough in here on Saturday nights,” one of them told me, mentioning fighting, stealing, and gun-toting.“We still have an active ban list,” the other said, referencing a list of chronic rule-breakers not allowed on mall property.

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    Walker is suspicious when the owner of the boathouse, Karl Wilding, has a dodgy alibi for the time of Cassie's disappearance.

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    Between the 10th and 11th centuries, the population of China doubled in size to around 100 million people, mostly because of the expansion of rice cultivation in central and southern China, and the production of abundant food surpluses.

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    It is my prayer that you will become so familiar with essential Christian doctrine that when a counterfeit looms on the horizon you will know it instantaneously.

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