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“Adjoining Rooms” is a tale of two friends ditching husbands for a girl’s trip to New Orleans that ends with exploring more than the city. True Dirty Stories While there’s no denying the power of erotic fantasy, proves that reality is stranger (and often sexier) than fiction.

The aptly-named online anthology includes everything from car sex to holiday-themed adult written word based on real experiences.

The written pornography is largely BDSM-themed, kinky, and submissive and nature.

Some stories veer into the supernatural and highly taboo, although there are also erotic stories about just a kiss.

The amount of content may seem overwhelming, but like most hub-type adult sites each story is user-review and rated, making it easy to enjoy the most popular adult literature.

For a quick and naughty BDSM read, check out, “A Wicked Little Spanking Story.”2.

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