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He challenged the poly world's careless use of relationship terms based on role-positions ("metamour," for instance) and couple privilege ("dyadism") rather than framing things around the meta-relationships between relationships themselves.

"Language is a superpower, and invisible, so it goes unexplored," Maymay said; "relationships are roles one acts, not positions." From there he went into metaphors from fractal geometry that were beyond my abilities.

Legally speaking, the Brown family (originalist Mormons) are identical to a secular poly household.

PB&J were announcing the dates for APW 2012 even before the 2011 event was over.She revealed that she herself still struggles with people viewing her as slutty or weird; "I find it hard to swim upstream" against constant social currents "saying I'm wrong." Despite being a public poly spokesperson, in personal life "I struggle with coming out to new people," she said."People's reactions are highly unpredictable." She recommended practicing delivering The Talk for friends and family facing a mirror; "it really works." Professional actress that she is, she suggested that projecting ease, spontaneity, and lightness about yourself takes studied work and rehearsal beforehand.I gravitated toward the sessions around activism and theory more than the relationship-help workshops and hands-on exercises.Barry Smiler spoke on his theme that poly is just the latest aspect of the centuries-long trend toward personal self-determination — the long, gradual shift away from your life decisions being mostly made for you by your culture, to the modern paradigm of building your life yourself.

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    “It was really cool, because even if your parents were in the next room, they couldn’t hear what you were talking about because you’re typing on your keyboard.”At AOL’s peak, more than 100 million AOL screen names existed, and users spent over a million hours chatting a year.

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    The Council must look at the reason for the failure to make a claim earlier and decide whether any reasonable person of that age, health and experience would, in all probability, have failed to claim in the same way.