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The bank needs to get both my account's banking details in order to settle my accounts.

Please assist as I need to submit before end of business day today.

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My account nr for Identity is 10121103782589 and my truworths account is 10101107z024874.

Please I would appreciate it if my request is attend to.

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Amina Khanhi there, i just received a terrifying news fron truworths that i am blacklisted due to their poor service i paid my account in full last year august and in november they sent me a confirmation letter telling me that my account is paid in full so later in september i received a call from Nashlyn Mullins and a manager from Truworths telling me that i over paid the account i must go get my R865.00 back so i went as per request so yesterday i tried applying for a credit card and i was told thta i owe truworths an amount of R1069.00 and i am handed over to more lawyres so i went to the store and they told me its late they will call me back today i received a call from a rude lady who told me it is my fault that truworths told me to go get the money back they cannot help me i must go pay the money i owe them so please can someone advise me of any lawyers who can help me regarding this nonsnesne from Truworths please Hi my name is Nonkosi i also have a complain about truworths the way they treat customer i only skip one month after that they continue phoning it was not even month end yet they block my account after i even paid up my account and i decided to live it as it is I'm so pissed off @truworths because I lost my job and I cld not pay my year I finally managed to settle my debt and some lady said I wld be cleared but to my suprise when I tried to buy a car this month they said I'm they want their money yhey will call u a thousand times but to write me a simple clearance letter is so difficult !! Good day I had an account with Truwoths and finished paying it. The thing is only my sister and I are bread-winners at home, now we have to cover our monthly costs and contribute towards the funeral as well. Thank you for the time taken in reading this Regards Nozipho Hi there, I will like to apologise for not being able to pay my account lately on time.

I realised now that I have an outstanding amount of R100 which is registered as a default on my account. To whom it may concern I was a holder of a truworths acc that later went to arrears two years ago it was paid up to my suprise my name hasn't been cleared up to date.l recently went to truworths to inquire what to do'l was given a number of the attorney who handled my acc, in return the attorneys told me that they did send me a clearance letter on my e-mail acc but to my suprise l did not receive that e-mail on the 11 of sep my e-mail add is [email protected] my I. Is 1 0473 1, I hav paid all of my balance in Jan 2012, I would lyk 2 use my aacount again. This year has been a battle for me because I am in financial difficulties.

0786500989 please check with manager at cleawater mall of the case.


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