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Therefore, in order to enter the web of trust, you should only need to validate one person in our web of trust.

(Hint: all of our developers' keys are in the KEYS file.) For example, the following people have signed the public key for Jim Jagielski.

Once you have entered the web of trust, you should see the following upon verifying the signature of a release.

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PGP signatures and MD5 hashes are available along with the distribution.It's free to join and it takes just a minute or so to sign up.It's possible to join as a visitor (in which you don't have your own profile) or as a member (in which you do).The crucial step to validation is to confirm the key fingerprint of the public key.We saw the fingerprint when we verified the download: it's A93D 62EC C3C8 EA12 DB22 0EC9 34EA 76E6 7914 85A8 There are two ways to validate Jim's fingerprint.

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