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Children view the John Singer Sargent painting "Gassed", at the Imperial War Museum in London.

American painter John Singer Sargent spent time at the front during the First World War and responded with his epic testament to the crimes of war in 1919 with the 20-foot long painting.

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The German artist and sculptor Kaethe Kollwitz turned out a series of deathly statues, woodcuts and posters.

The officers “were at home in the international sportsmanship of the prewar world, but the skills, maneuvers, courage and honor that made military combat a high form of sportsmanship are a lost art, a fool’s game, in this mass war,” The New Yorker’s Pauline Kael later wrote of the film.

Actor Lew Ayres performed the role of Paul Baumera in the 1930 war movie “All Quiet on the Western Front.” In Erich Maria Remarque’s famous anti-war novel “All Quiet On the Western Front” a German soldier rejects his patriotism, abandons his humanity and loses his life.

“You and I, the ornaments of our generation, should have been spared this wreck of our belief that through the long years we had seen civilization grow and the worst become impossible. It seems to me to undo everything, everything that was ours, in the most horrible retroactive way.” James died in 1916, two years before the armistice was declared between the allies and the Germans, and the wreckage of the First World War was beyond even his imagination.

Millions were dead, empires dissolved, centuries-old beliefs upended.

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