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As he continued to shoot, Francemone said she returned fire.She wasn't sure if her bullets struck Porter, who then rounded a corner in the James-Geddes housing complex.

In July 2007, ICHC received as many as 500 submissions per day.

TRUSMEDADY.”Since Earl returned home from a remote boarding school, OFWGKTA appeared poised to continue its meteoric rise to stardom.

Earl and Tyler, both prodigies in their own right, took different sonic directions with their respective solo outings which added to whispers of a breakup.

Tyler’s tweets from earlier in the week seemed to be the ventings of a young man who missed his friends and musical compatriots, although the “no more” tweet didn’t have anything following it up at the time.

Earlier Thursday, Tyler seemed to clear up his tweets but went with the mysterious once more.“ALL I WAS DOING WAS LOOKING AT OLD PHOTOS WITH FRIENDS AND THINKING ABOUT HOW TIME FLIES, CRAZY HOW ONE TWEET CAN STIR SO MUCH,” said Tyler.

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