Dating site dna matching

However after partnering back in July 2014, and raising 0,000 to build the business, a few months ago the companies decided to part ways. Gonzalez why the two companies ended the partnership, he said: “It was a really interesting idea, and one that we were really pushing towards from the beginning, which was – we wanted to be the science of the company, the ones for developing technology and focusing on the science.

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“I think the experiment of trying to combine a biotech company partner with a dating company didn’t really work, and they have to be rolled into one.” But although this particular partnership was not successful, the Canadian company has committed to pushing forward with its science-based matchmaking technologies.

He set his sights on creating something unique to supplement the growing world of digitized dating, and Dating DNA was released in i Tunes as the original free, full-featured dating app in the store.

In addition to being completely free to use, the app boasted unique features, including its proprietary Dating DNA Number that ranks compatibility between users and serves as a unique identifier like actual DNA sequencing.

We are currently looking for partners who would help with the funding of our projects, so we can make it a really visually appealing format, that customers would like to use.” When we asked about the relationship between biotechnology and the dating industry, Dr.

Gonzalez said he believed the biotech methods employed by companies like Instant Chemistry will be increasingly used in dating in the years to come.

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