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It is not any special “melting” property inherent to marshmallows that makes the game hazardous, but rather that the marshmallows take up so much space, and their consistency makes them difficult to remove either via the Heimlich maneuver or with medical instruments.On 13 September 2006, another “Chubby Bunny” death occurred when a 32-year-old Janet Rudd choked on a marshmallow and collapsed while participating in the game at a fair in London, Ontario.Westwood (the other side of town from Loxley has also seen small Barbel coming through from a stocking a few years ago and Chub regularly breed up in the inlet end of the Res.In my experience it's mostly people that have never caught stillwater chub and barbel that have a problem with them being there.While a very real youngster did indeed lose her life through playing “Chubby Bunny,” she did so through choking on the intact confections in her mouth, not (as developing lore would have it) via the marshmallows’ somehow breaking down to form a windpipe-clogging glue.

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However, Casey began playing the game with some of her friends when her teacher momentarily left the area ten minutes before the scheduled start of the “Chubby Bunny” competition to have a word with a janitor.

(In 2005, her parents settled their lawsuit for million.) All of this additional attention served to keep the story in circulation.

The folkloric shift this real-life tragedy has taken involves the mode of death.

My first grader was partaking in a class project involving marshmallows when another mother told me a pretty sad story.

She said that a few years ago a child died playing a game called "Chubby Bunny".

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