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In the last few years there has been a rumour that deleting your cookie files when repeating a flight search will make it cheaper. “Another myth is that buying on certain days will get you a better deal.

While it’s often cheaper to fly on Tuesdays to Thursdays, airlines definitely do not drop their fares for those who buy tickets on those days of the week.

The analysis found Warwickshire experiences a lot of retail fraud, with 157 reports per 100,000 people, compared with an average of 34.He decided to share his skills by launching his service – which scans for the best discounts, hidden offers and error fares – last September.He’s not the first to do this, of course – sites like Scott’s Cheap Flights do exactly the same – but Sheldon’s strong point is that his deals are all from the UK and Ireland. Not any more – his personal best is a £18 return fare from London to Belize on American Airlines (which, he admits, is “exceptionally rare”). Sheldon’s shared his top tips on how to grab the lowest cost flights.'The Government needs to set out an ambitious agenda to tackle fraud, while law enforcement agencies need to be working harder to identify and protect the people most at risk from fraud.' When you think you've met the perfect partner through an online dating website or app, but the other person is using a fake profile to form a relationship with you.They're using the site to gain your trust and ask you for money or enough personal information to steal your identity.

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