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Adults will find this movie filled with predictable moments, some of which are cliché ridden.

Still, there is a lot of charm and feel-good moments if viewed as a family movie.

As a result, this is a pleasant movie for families with young kids and is a preferred alternative to a trip to the zoo.

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After a not so convincing attempt at buying the tavern, Popper receives a strange inheritance from his late father— half a dozen penguins.

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One day his father sends him an unusual gift: a penguin.

Three strong, independent Israeli-Palestinian women try to square their liberated, hedonistic lifestyles with the stultifying restrictions of conservative family life, in Maysaloun Hamoud's charming and vital drama.

Nominated for two Oscars (Best Actress – Melissa Leo - and Best Original Screenplay) Frozen River is a riveting thriller that raises questions about the borders we construct, between countries, communities and each other.

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