Candid camera sex video

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The site contains pictures and videos of women in tight shiny spandex pants, leggings, catsuits, tights, bodysuit, zentai.

The nice surprise in this film is that the 15 sex scenes used to illustrate the callers' stories appear to be new footage instead of the typical archive footage.

They have the same look and feel as the four sex scenes in the wraparound story, and I don't recognize them from other sources.

The sex scenes are shot in what I refer to as the "new voyeuristic style" which is becoming more common.

There's lots of dim natural lighting and shadows, and the scenes have the feel of being shot with home video equipment (albeit good quality), and some of them are shot as if the cameraman is "peeping" from around a corner, through a doorway or window, or from under or behind a piece of furniture.

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