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While legal, this may not be a wise thing to do as it might create a bad relationship or escalate an already tenuous one.It is absolutely legal to record police while they are conducting an investigation. Citizens have the right to document civil servants as they are performing their civic duties. Cunniffe that “recording governmental officers engaged in public duties is a form of speech through which private individuals may gather and disseminate information of public concern, including the conduct of law enforcement officers.” Police officers can ask to turn recording devices off, and they can ask for the tape or film or card.Our voyeurs peeped on couples fucking whenever it was possible, from watching sex through the window all the way to silently creeping up on couples that fuck on beaches, in hotels, or any other places where they thought that they are all alone.We have so many sex voyeur videos that it will make your head spin.

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We peeped on sex in public toilets, private homes and apartments and even on beaches or most unusual locations.Our voyeurs answered those questions with all kinds of sex spy videos!Seemingly everywhere you go video cameras are capturing you and your activities. The Home In general, hidden surveillance cameras may be installed in the home for the purposes of safety or home security. No signs warning of “security camera” are required.There may be other security issues: perhaps there is a restraining order in place prohibiting an ex from being on the premises.Cameras are also often placed to give parents peace of mind about the wellbeing of their children when the parents are at work or out of town.

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